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Intraday/Short Term Trading is the Best Choice for Professional Traders

1)   Advantages in Intraday/Short Term Trading

       Technology makes intraday trading more predictable and accurate than investing in stocks for future appreciation in an unpredictable world. Holding stocks is a greater risk and is purely speculative. In today's economic and political uncertainties and instability, leads to old long term investment theories failure. Advantages in Intraday is

A. You will have to pay less Brokerage.

B. Everyday you can do fresh trading according to the market trend because everyday market trend is different.

C. After stock market closing, no body can predict next day’s market opening.

D. There is no need to pay any carry forward margin.

E. In intraday you can trade good volume with low risk. Hence chances of earning more are higher.

2)   Intraday Trading is Money making Business opportunity for Professional Traders

       In Stock/Commodity/Forex market environment uneducated, unqualified, unskillful and untrained speculators and gamblers have given intraday trading a bad name.

These traders were not professional in there trades and they were loss huge money in Stock/Commodity/Forex Market.

A professional trader requires

A. Right tools of the trade such as Intradaymap software.

B. Knowledge and Training on identifying BUY/SELL chance.

C. Required Investment and not minimum margin amount.

3)   Intraday Trading is Ideal for beginners as it is up to 100% accurate results

       Intradaymap Trading system helps you earn every day with 100% accurate BUY/SELL instructions.

The accuracy has been tested and proven over more than 14 years of intraday trading from 1996 to 2010.

Intraday trading is the best option for people who want to have an income from Stock/Forex/Commodity market daily basis.

4)   Trading is a Disciplined Business

       Trading requires definite rules that dictate when a trader should Buy or Sell in the market.

So our Intradaymap software lowers the emotions of fearing, when entering or exiting to this market.

Important drawback of Traders is simply, without rules as well as without self discipline in trading of Stocks/Forex/Commodity receiving the maximum loss.

5)   Money Management

       Money Management is about ensuring your longevity in the financial markets by using our Intradaymap Software and reducing risk as well as optimizing profit opportunities.